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Mobility with a capital M

Posted by on 19.09.2012

Wow, what a busy event! There’s a queue at the gents! We’ve never seen anything like it.


We’ve just finished our visit to InnoTrans at Messe Berlin. But before joining the fray we were able to look behind the scenes and meet Dr. Jana Dewitz, Marketing Director of Messe Berlin GmbH.


We had so many questions, when else do you get a chance to be so close to the action?! An unbelievably charming and dedicated lady whom we had the pleasure to meet. Dr. Dewitz works for Messe Berlin’s Marketing and Media division, which is in charge of all the advertising for the individual trade shows and for Messe Berlin itself and of marketing the ICC. Messe Berlin offers visitors, organisers and exhibitors so many different options.


Now we were naturally rather curious what InnoTrans would have to offer. The trade show has grown 17% over the last two years, and it takes up the entire exhibition centre, even the outdoor area! In addition, 104 innovations are being launched there this year. So it’s as innovative and modern as the metropolis itself. Of course, we wanted to see it with our own eyes. Dr. Dewitz accompanied us on our way through the halls to the outdoor area. There we were able to see all kinds of trains and means of transport live and in colour. We never knew that there were so many different types of trains.


After that we strolled around the halls a bit and took a closer look at a couple of booths. We never dreamt there’d be so much to discover! :)




We hope the photos can give you a bit of an impression of all the exciting things we are getting to see here!

Your scouts!


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